Job search

Job search

Find a job that suits you

Whether it’s your first or your tenth job, we can help you find something stimulating for you!

15 to 35 years old

Job search

Meet a counsellor who will help you find a job. With her help, you will be able to :

  • Make a new trendy resume;
  • Do a simulation interview personalized to your needs;
  • Know the stages of the job search;
  • Equip yourself with efficient search websites;
  • Get to know you better (your interests, qualities and abilities);
  • Attend workshops to help you with your job search.

CJE Zone

The CJE drop-in zone is open all week. An ideal location to:

  • Focus and find tools;
  • Learn to navigate the various platforms and understand job search trends;
  • Get help creating or updating your resume and cover letter.

Consult the calendar of activities for the opening hours of the CJE Zone!

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