Arts field

Arts field

Awareness of the reality of a vocation in arts and tools towards an artistic career.

Do you have a creative soul? Would you like to pursue an artistic career? You like to participate in artistic projects. Art is a way to develop.

15 to 35 years old

Develop yourself in one of the different areas of the arts:

  • Architecture;
  • Sculpture;
  • Visual arts (painting, photography, drawing, video, etc.);
  • Music;
  • Literature (poetry or dramaturgy);
  • Performing arts (theater, dance, mime, circus);
  • Cinema;
  • “Media” arts;
  • Comic books;
  • Video games and multimedia.

We offer you a range of activities and projects:

  • Exhibition as part of Vocation in art;
  • Grow your web, a Web development activity in a creative approach;
  • J'Le Fabrik Workshops.

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