Back to school

Back to school

Find your way to studies that will thrill you

Do you want to go back to school to develop professionally? We give you the tools to succeed.

15 to 35 years old

We meet with you to set your goals and establish strategies to achieve them. We support you throughout the process while offering you the opportunity to participate in numerous activities such as:

  • An individualized approach to professional exploration;
  • Psychometric tools: AFC Holland, Profil Nova and many others;
  • Academic and professional information;
  • Visit to the Belles-Rives center and vocational training centers;
  • Observation day and meetings with professionals who talk about their profession;
  • Looking for volunteering or internship opportunities in a company;
  • Awareness about work and study balance;
  • Application for admission to vocational training centers, CEGEPs and universities;
  • Simulation of loans and grants;
  • Concrete plan for returning to school;

Because we know that studying is not always fun, we want to offer you tools so that you can thrive there.

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