Online workshops

Our workshops are offered online to follow the public health guidelines

2 for 1 job research workshop

For the youth,

Workshop on finding a first job

CV writing

For the parents,

Workshop on what to do and what not to do when your teenager is looking for a job

How to help and support them

Transition from high school to college

With school attendance stopping abruptly, what better than a workshop to prepare your return to class… but to college instead?

Lots of tips, tricks and advice!

What are the issues concerning the high school-college transition?

How to manage your time?

What strategies are used in note taking?

What are some motivation and concentration notions?

What are the factors that can negatively impact your motivation and concentration?

Tips and advice for a successful studies

Information on different aspects such as :
Workspace organization
Time management
Motivation improvement
Distraction elimination and procrastination diminution

Tips, advice, tools and more

School-work balance

You are a student and you have a part-time job?

You would like tips and advice on how to better manage your time?

You would like to know how to manage your time over a week to have a balanced schedule?

If you answered any of the questions by « yes», this workshop is for you.

Personal Finances : I'm in Charge

A financial education program that completes elements seen in high school classes. For young people, it is divided into 17 modules that touch on subjects like Finding an apartment, Purchasing a mobile phone, Understanding a pay stub and more. The workshops are given by an accredited trainer. The participative and dynamic approach keeps the youth’s interest and they then implicate themselves in activities to maximize their learnings.

CV workshop

Understand the importance of the CV as an essential tool for job searching

Learn the qualities of a good CV and also develop content that will draw an employer’s attention

Use efficient presentation strategies to maximize your chances of finding a job, considering it can be a bit harder than usual in the current market

Student job

Help with student job hunting

Tips and advice for a successful job search

CV made by a counselor after the workshop

If you have any questions or you want to learn more about our workshops, do not hesitate to contact us!